Hope your all well. So far we have had 984 unique visitors to the site, if you all own a Gull that accounts for a huge percentage of the boats that were built! So I would love to see some more photos of your summer sailing please email me them at!

Hopefully your summer sailing is going well, I'm yet to really get on the water at all, your find that there are a few boats for sale now so if anyone is looking for some great summer fun look no further! On the class facebook page we have been getting some great photos I will see if I can upload here as soon as possible but please feel free to send in your pictures.

Hi everyone, hope all your sailing seasons have started well, sorry for the lack of content updates I've been busy with work and a quick holiday, I'm aiming to get sort out some more info into the technical area soon, does anyone want any specific how too guides (feel free to ask for anything)?

Lastly this site so far has over 500 unique visitors in the last 4 months, and it has a positive trend. Things are looking positive. Due to this I'm creating a comments page for a fast easy way to leave any news, questions or if you just want to say hi. The link is here Comments

I've managed to add the photos to the technical section, if anyone has any requests or corrections please email me, I hope to get some class rules up in the next few weeks. I hope everyone's sailing season is going well.

Since the weather is now turning nice, I hope to be able to get the boat out the shed and get some technical bits online next week, if you have any requests please email us, or comment on the facebook page. There will be some more info on general rigging of the boat, the class rules and hopefully there will be the 2d plans for a rudder and a short tutorial online.

Right so now we have gone online I've decided to sort out a facebook page for people who have sailed the boat to like, this hopefully will promote the class more and encourage the younger generation to sail Gulls! It should also be a place for people to meet other Gull sailors, anyway, the link is

Sorry it has been so long since I updated the site, I've recently started tracking site traffic, and I'm quite shocked as to how far away people have been viewing the site, from Truro to Aberdeen and even one visitor from America! Anyway as the start of the season is fast approaching I'm keen to try to organise an event for the early part of the summer, if anyone has any good venues in mind please let me know! Now for your amusement here is a map of the visitors in the last week.

Happy new year, hope some of you have been out sailing? Sorry there hasn't been an update in a bit, finally managed to get some more pictures online this week, but I've been busy sorting out the boats for some events this year, Bloody Mary and the Tiger Trophy.
In the meantime have a look at the photos we uploaded these are from Jane Williams up at horning I believe.
More updates will follow as soon as possible.

Now there's a fair bit more information up on the website, look out for more articles in the Technical section fairly soon, there should also be quite a few more Photos uploaded as soon as I can find where they all are, till then if you have any more info or a boat for sale feel free to Contact Us.

The class association finally has a website, if you have any content you want uploading please Contact Us.