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To rig the spinnaker there are several methods this article hopes to describe the general principles and the method we use.

To start off your need to make sure you have;

The kite
The pole
Pole uphaul and downhaul
Hoops on your boom
Shortener rope and blocks

Fittings wise we use 2 jammers on the mast, cleats on the sides next to the shrouds, fairleads at the rear quarters of the boat fairleads and jammers on the thwart, a halyard jammer towards the rear of the centreboard case.

The shortener rope goes between the 2 sheets to turn them into guys, it runs, block, jammer on shroud, across boat jammer on shroud then block.

Firstly we attach the halyard to the top of the sail up to a block on the mast back down to the base of the mast and back to a jammer by the rear of centreboard case.

Next we attach a sheet to one side of the sail this then goes through the block on one end of the shortener rope this then goes to the fairlead on the rear quarters, this then goes forward to the fairleads and jammers on one side of the boat across to the other side of the boat and then the same places in reverse.

At this stage if its very light wind its easier to see things if you pull the kite up. We now need to sort out the pole, we run a line from a jammer up the mast through a block and then down to the pole, from here it goes down to the mast again and through another jammer. There are plenty of other ways to rig the pole, some people prefer 2 sided some people prefer elastic and rope in the down haul, and some people use just elastic.

The usual disclaimer is applicable, if you break, hurt yourself etc.. we are not responsible and this information is just intended as a guide for reference only.